AEU v01 finally uploaded!

Special Task Force: AEU Division is our brain child, game creators GrandBrickLayer and AltFunAndGames. Together we are the co-founders of the development studio BlueLips Studios. AEU is an idea that came to GrandBrickLayer when she first found out about the IGCM game jam. Starting with the jam as the basis for finishing a first version of the game, this has become something that is enlivening our drive to produce a fun, in-depth, and complex game.

Essentially AEU is a Cop simulator. You step into the shoes of a given agent. Each agent has certain skills that will help them later in the game. Once you have chosen your agent you will immediately be immersed in the game world. Your primary objective? Determine threats that are "explosive" in nature and thwart the plans to carry out these threats.

AEU is a work in progress, being created by a small indie development team. Updates will happen, however we have no timeline as of yet. We will try to keep the Devlog updated with our progress as well as screenshots, even without any new uploads. Please leave us comments about what you love, what you don't like, or just to say hi and give us some support.

Until next time Agents, stay sharp!


IGMC Project 98 MB
Nov 06, 2017

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