AEU Redux

Sooo, the Game Jam happened. I'm not as crushed by things as I thought I'd be. I know the barebones of AEU there is a great game waiting to be found in all of it. And the E key is sticking... So if there are any missing E's I fail to catch and correct in time, I'm sorry.

As to the future of AEU, Right now I'm working on a quest system aka. I'm using Yanfly's Quest Log plugin. I feel like I'm cheating by not figuring one out on my own, but this is way easier. I'm currently overhauling all the maps in the game, to make them smaller and more manageable for players to traverse. I'm adding more small touches, and working out game ambiance as well as a custom character creation system; A personality test that gives your character their skill set; Choose a partner or go it solo; Just little things. The opening will probably be my main focus for right now.

Happy New Year's and Happy Gaming!

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